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Cash Bond vs. Bail Bond

Consequences of Violating Conditions of Bail

Legal proceedings present many challenges besides the emotional stress of arresting and facing criminal charges. In such cases, returning home is the most important priority.

Cash bond vs. bail bond always confusing the people. Further complicating the situation, these terms are sometimes mixed up, even though they are two separate options.

Cash Bond

he bond that an individual or family must be able to post or pay fully. For example, if the bond is set at $15,000, the court must receive $15,000 in cash from the family or individual.

If the bond amount is low, it can be done with the benefit of getting the cashback if convicted, minus some fees, as long as the bond terms are followed.

  • Only cash is accepted.
  • The bail payment must be made in full.
  • There will be no change given to anyone except for exact cash.
  • Transactions can be completed using credit or debit cards.
  • The amount is essentially refundable if the individual appears in court regularly.

Bail Bond

Bond companies are the only ones who can issue bail bonds. Families or individuals contact us, and we provide a bond covering the required amount to the court. The bond company charges this service. Depending on the bond amount, collateral may also be required.

Families or individuals can only have to pay the bond fee, not the entire amount. Like cash bail, following the dismissal of charges or trial conclusion, an individual posts a bond and receives it back less than the fee.

  • Your money may be at stake if someone fails to show up for an appearance. Cash, credit cards, checks, etc., are all acceptable forms of payment.
  • There is only a small percentage to pay.
  • It is not refundable.

Bail Bonds and Cash Bonds are related terms that refer to court-imposed requirements. There is only one difference: the financial entity ensures the promise of appearing at trial on time. A bond is designed only for this purpose, guaranteeing that the accused will appear in court and not be jailed for the duration of the case.

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