What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Bail Bond in Connecticut

Things Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Bail Bonds?

If you don’t pay your bail bond, sometimes called a premium, can quickly make things worse. Failure to pay can lead to these scenarios.

Can You be Arrested, If You Don’t Pay Bail?

You are almost certainly going to be arrested if you fail to pay bail or are unable to do so. In some cases, bondmen have the power to revoke your bond or even throw you in prison with no warrant. In the event that they are unable to arrest the convict since he fled, a bounty hunter will be hired to find him/her and take him/her to jail instead.

Making an Agreement with a Bondsman

There is no substitute for a Bondsman. You can count on them to get you out of jail, but they may even put you back behind bars. It is legal for a bondsman to arrest you if you fail to fulfill the contractual obligations that you made with your bond agent. According to the law, your bail can be revoked whenever it is deemed necessary.

Is it Possible For a Bail Bondsman to Seize Your Property?

As a result of the contract you signed with your bondsman, your property may be seized and your wages may be garnished.

Reading the contract is very important since you may be limited by the contract if you fail to pay.


Without paying your bail bond, a judge or court may even arrest you when they suspect something is wrong with their bills or when they suspect you committed a crime. Bondsmen can also sue their clients for late fees, among other penalties.

Friends Bail

You might not have even gone to jail, but you might have saved a friend’s life. A person who assists people in getting bonds automatically becomes registered with the bondsman. It will be your responsibility to pay in the event that your friend does not appear in court.

What is the Length of Your Stay in Jail if You Cannot Pay Bail?

If you cannot afford to pay the bail, you may have to stay in jail for several months. Depending on when your court date is, you will probably spend some time in jail before trial. As a result of the judge’s verdict, your jail release is uncertain. Not being able to pay your bail money, you will usually have to wait 30 days for your court date.

However, it might take more time, depending on how much time you need from your lawyer. In addition, your court date may be rescheduled or delayed if either lawyer cannot attend.

A Request to Change the Bail Amount

Anyone who challenges the judge’s bail amount can request a bail hearing. In this case, you could ask the judge to lower the bail amount if you are unable to pay. In the event that the judge denies your bail, you can ask him to reconsider. Depending on the circumstances, you may even be let out on recognizance. Status and previous violations against you may determine whether your request is granted. There is always a chance, however.

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If You Don’t Pay Your Bail Bond in Connecticut

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