Arrested For Computer Crime and Not Sure What To Do?

Whenever you use the computer as a tool for illegal end such as committing fraud, stealing identity, violating privacy, trafficking in child pornography, or downloading pirated movies, music, or software, you commit a computer crime. You would have faced serious charges had you been charged with cybercrime.

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Computer Crime Bail Bond in Connecticut

Here are Some of the Most Common Computer Crimes in CT

Computer Fraud

Information can be falsified online, data can be deleted, and unauthorized transactions can be performed and concealed, such as in cases of identity theft: accessing the bank account of someone else and transferring large sums of money.


Accessing a database or network by exploiting a system weakness.

Targeting a Computer Maliciously

 Ransomware, viruses, and malware are primarily used in this regard.

A Violation of Intellectual Copyrights

The online use of another person’s intellectual property without permission, for example, music and videos.


Fraudsters use fake accounts, spear-phishing emails, phishing messages, and other means of obtaining confidential information. An individual can suffer a great deal of harm from phishing attacks.

Information that gives them access to private and personal accounts and information is usually addresses, phone numbers, financial information or banking information, names, credit/debit card numbers, credit reports, or other information they can find online.

This typically leads to theft of the victim’s bank or credit card information or online purchases made using the victim’s financial information.

Bail in CT: What You Need To Know?

Bail amounts are influenced by a number of factors. In general, the following will be considered by the courts:

  • If you have ever been convicted before
  • What your alleged crime is and what the circumstances are
  • The employment records you have
  • Failure to appear in court in the past
  • Relationships with your community
  • The state of your mind and your character

What are the benefits of bail agents? The cost of bail bonds is a fraction of the amount of bail. The rest will be covered by the bondsman. Afterward, you will have to appear for your court date after paying the fee.

Bail For Computer Crimes in Connecticut

Cyber crimes cost the country billions of dollars every year. When a cyber crime is taken into account by law enforcement, it will have different penalties and bail amounts depending on the severity. 

Angel Bail Bond CT Group handles bail bonds for those accused of cyber crime, in cases where it is proven that the fraudulent activity was targeted at defrauding someone or something. We are prepared to answer all your questions about this area of crime.

Recovering From Cyber Offense Charges

If you are imprisoned for a cyber offense, the legal system treats it in the same way as any other crime. If you post bail, you may be set free unless there is an outstanding warrant against you.

In the event a person is accused and posts bail with the help of a bondsman, if they fail to comply with the law, the bondsman has the right to use a bounty hunter. If they are accused of cyber offenses, they may post bail or escape jail easily. Contact Connecticut Bail Bonds Group today to learn more on how we can help.

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Computer Crime Bail Bond in Bridgeport

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