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Angel BailBonds was established is 2009. Located in the heart of Bridgeport, CT. Providing service to the whole State of Connecticut.
Angel Bailbonds strives to be the Industry’s leading bail bond company. Our mission is to provide each and every client with Judgement-Free, Confidential and Fast Service. Read more

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When someone I care deeply about recently got arrested, I called Angel Bail to help me bail them out of jail and they were very helpful. They were nice to me and totally understood my situation and handled everything professionally and quickly.

john derry
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Angel is #1 bail bondsman out here for sure! He’s professional, yet still caring . He was very fast and super resourceful, even after a month he still went out of his way to help me and my family.
C Harris
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The best bondsmen hands down! I used his services many times in the past and he never let me down. He responsive, friendly, trustworthy, and understanding. He has the lowest price around and he will work out a good payment plan.
Kenneth Brewington
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Very professional, punctual and reliable. Angel was a pleasure to deal with.
mariana torres
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He helped us through out the process no if or what was fast and efficient my sons uncle was out in a matter of hours definitely do recommend Angel!
Victor Amador
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Angel was very easy to work with. Explained the process and let us make payments, was hard time for our family. Thank You again Angel. Me and my whole family will remember your help.
Tianna Esquilin
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Met an angel a few years ago. He has bonds me and a couple of my people out all the years i know him. I seen him in the court house all the time . he so friendly and down to earth. So glad he doin his own thing. I would recommend him to everyone


In order to post a bail bond, you can either post the full cash value or contact the licensed Bail Bondsman who may post a person’s bail.

Any person who has been charged with a non-capital crime is generally entitled to bail. The different states have different laws, which apply to keep those accused of violent crimes in custody until their court hearing if they are deemed a flight risk or continual danger to the public.

  • The least favorable option is to leave the defendant in jail until the trial ends.
  • The best option would be to hire a bail bondsman. We offer affordable payment plans that won’t negatively affect your finances.

If the defendant plans to leave the country, they must get permission from the bonding office in writing beforehand.

If the court has given the defendant direct instruction not to leave the country. Then they must additionally get written consent from the courts. Otherwise, the defendant risks arrest.

They are 3 ways in which you or your loved ones can be released from custody;

  1. Contact Angel Bail Bonds
  2. You can post a cash for the full amount of the bond
  3. You can use real property with the court

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