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Risks of Not Securing a Bail Bond After an Arrest


What are the Risks For Not Securing a Bail Bond After an Arrest?

After being convicted of a crime, the process of escaping jail can seem like an overwhelming financial hardship. Nevertheless, not obtaining a bail bond and waiting out your trial in jail may result in serious penalties lasting much longer, regardless of the outcome of your trial.

After an arrest, you may face several risks for not securing a bail bond.

What will happen if you don’t get in touch with a bail agent?

A bail bond agent or agency can help you find a bail bond if needed. Otherwise, chances are you will lose your job, end up in jail, and lack a strong legal defense, mainly your freedom. You won’t be released from jail unless your set bond is posted. This applies to any set bail, including cash and surety bonds.

Many bail bond agents in Connecticut can help you get a bail bond quickly, and our bail guide will show you how.

The risks of not securing a bail bond in Connecticut

1. Having lost your job

You’re unlikely to be fired by your employer unless you’ve been convicted of a crime. A company might decide that letting you go would be best if you spent an extended period in jail, thus tarnishing their reputation.Financial hardship is caused by a prolonged period of unpaid work. It can also take months for criminal trials to conclude. Sometimes your company may hold your job pending your release; however, most companies will hire someone else during your absence.

2. Unnecessary imprisonment

You may face the greatest risk if you don’t secure a bail bond service. Upon conviction, jail time at trial is usually deducted from the sentence. Yet, many minor offenses don’t result in incarceration or are punished with short sentences. It may not be necessary to incarcerate them.In the event of your conviction, you may be sentenced to 15 days. For example, a petty offense might result in a 60-day jail sentence. Your release is likely to be immediate, but you wasted 20 extra days behind bars.

3. Issues related to mental health

Prison is something that anyone can find stressful, particularly if they have never been arrested before. In some people, experiencing trauma triggers mental health issues, regardless of their previous health status, or aggravates existing mental health issues. There is a possibility of suffering from psychological problems with negative effects on a person’s quality of life.

4. Rushing to file a lawsuit

You will likely receive prompt attention from your attorney when you are in jail. You may have to accept a plea bargain that’s not optimal for you or schedule hearings before their best defense has been prepared.When you are released with a bail bondsman, your lawyer is relieved of the burden of defending you, allowing him to focus on building your defense. Your appearance determines the first impression you make in a criminal court. You might have to wait for witnesses to be interviewed and experts to be consulted from the comfort of your home.

Avoiding this problem in the first place is the best course of action. A bond agent works with people every day who face difficult situations.Talk to each other. Honestly assess your financial situation, and perhaps you can devise a solution that works for everyone. The one thing you can count on when it comes to bail premiums is that you won’t be able to afford them. For help with bail, please get in touch with us.

Angel Khan Bail Bonds is here to help. Get in touch with us now online or call +1 203-726-2179. You will be explained how the process works and what you should expect. You can move forward with your life without having to stay in jail.

Aside from more hassle-free operations, reputable agencies are known by court officials and lawyers. As professional bail bond agencies always available to assist you with the bail process. A smaller bail bond company may have difficulty reaching you on time.


Having detention officers as acquaintances is a good thing. The jail officers know the local bail bond companies, including the most reliable and trustworthy. The officers can also suggest a lower bail amount. Relationships should be developed positively. Contact them and ask them for suggestions for bail bond companies. As well as helping you, they can also provide you with positive feedback in court later on.

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